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SG LAB FORUM is singapore based professional association which connects laboratory scientists, chemists, biologist for learning, knowledge sharing, networking and collaboration. We organize training and workshops on ISO 17025 components and advanced analytical instruments and applications. We organize Seminar and conference on special topics. To expand our networking beyond Singapore, we partner with other local organization and higher education institutes to conduct international conference on special and emerging topics. We are happy to partner with ISAS  to organize AMC 2023 (Advanced Materials and Characterization) conference in Mumbai which will be held from April 25-27, 2023.

The Indian Society of Analytical Scientists

The Indian Society of Analytical Scientists (ISAS), born in 1983 at Bhabha Atomic Research Center (BARC) Mumbai, has now expanded into a 3000 strong Indian National Multidisciplinary Professional Forum of Experts In Analytical Sciences, spread over its 8 Chapters, With its Members Making Dynamic Contributions To The Entire Cross Section of Multidisciplinary Development Activities All Over Our Nation, that include All Industries, Academic and R&D Institutions, Power Stations, Agricultural and Health Sectors, Environmental and Ecological Conservation. Over the past 38 Years, ISAS has organized more than 35 National and International Conferences, and over the past One Year, 50 Weekly Webinars, on various topics of interest to the scientific community, which were all very well attended by leading professionals from India as well as abroad. The main goal of ISAS is to Promote Excellence, Relevance, and Right Direction, in routine and innovative work, by providing top-level analytical expertise in Analytical Sciences, Technology And Management. ISAS is committed to the dissemination of knowledge, expertise, and improved Scientific Temperament of the entire community of analytical scientists, academicians, and students. Almost all the leading scientific and technical institutions in India have been proudly recognizing the positive activities of ISAS by participating and spontaneously supporting all the programs organized by it. During the past, many leading scientists from various National Laboratories in India, have been the proud recipients of The Prestigious Life Time Achievement Awards conferred by ISAS as a recognition for their Professional Excellence. ISAS has earned Reputation and Recognition as the Premier Expert Forum of Analytical Scientists and Technologists in India.

AMC 2023 Organizing Committee

Dr Sathrugnan, SG LAB FORUM, Singapore 

Mr Omy Conde, SG LAB FORUM, Singapore

Dr Yang Liming, NUS, Singapore

Dr. Saran Raghaw, ISAS, Pune

Dr Habib Pathan, Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune

Prof. R. Vinu, IIT Madras, India

Prof. Sivakumar Manickam, University Technology of Brunei, Brunei

Bharkavi Scientific Events and Marketing Serivces

SG LAB FORUM has engaged M/s Bharkavi Scientific Events and Marketing Services to do event management for AMC2023. They will be managing Abstract collection, registraion and a-z during the symposium days.

Contact Person: B. Balaraman (balaram@bharkavi.co.in)

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